The Mission of the Abbey Medical Centre is to provide our primary care patients with a superior experience through continuing, professional, timely and courteous relationships..

Working For a Healthier You


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Working For a Healthier You




Please be advised that Influenza A is HERE.... Make sure you get your flu shot as soon as you can

There is exciting news! Dr. Julie Begin will be joining Abbey Medical at the end of November 2013. She will be accepting new families into her practice. Book your appointment today.


Therefore, Dr. Suzy Guirguis and Dr. Julie Begin are accepting new patients into their practice. 

Dr. Suzy Guirguis has left her practice in Nova Scotia in 2010 to join us here at Abbey Medical building a great family practice caring for all your family needs from well baby and immunizations, prenatal, comprehensive care and physicals. She will be taking new patients and become part of the North Oakville Family Health Group.


Dr. Julie Begin is happy to join our practice as a family physician with more than 20 years of experience working in clinics and hospitals in Ontario, Quebec and USA. She is accepting new patients and can serve you in both English and French

Please keep abreast of these changes on the web site. Dr. Kerr is going to conduct regular Family practice on Saturdays, so that physicals, well babies and procedures will be done, so book your appointments now

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Our new patients are encouraged to explore the various links on the website to fully evaluate our services.

Remember to use the other Walk-in Clinics of Family Health Group members (see links) when this office is closed and mention that you are a rostered patient at Abbey Medical Center.